About Us

Founded in 2002, Longcheer is a global leading provider of smart products and services. We have been committed to the design, R&D, manufacturing and service of terminals such as smart phones, tablets, smart wearables, smart home, and VR/AR. With a worldwide presence, we provide our global customers with specialized, integrated solutions of smart products.
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Products and Services

Our innovation-based portfolios are solutions that integrate industrial design, technology research and development, supply chain management, manufacturing and services We always underline products and services featuring high quality, considerate support and low cost.
  • Smart Phone

  • Vehicle-Mounted System

  • Automobile electronics

  • AR & VR

  • Wearables

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Longcheer latest events:

  • 龙旗科技上海总部开建 项目建成将为区域发展注入新动能
  • Leading ODM Vendors Such as Longcheer/Huaqin See a Stampede for IPO: Helping Accelerate the Localization of Industry Chain
  • Jiangxi Provincial Party Secretary Yin Hong visited Longcheer Science and Technology Park in Nanchang, and encouraged the enterprise to seize opportunities
  • From Product to Industry, Longcheer Scientific Investment has Trailblazed a New Dimension Raising Path with Innovative Technology
  • 龙旗科技上海总部开建 项目建成将为区域发展注入新动能